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Companion Policy 14% Customers with an eligible Bunker Hill home, condo, renter's or dwelling fire policy.

Edocument 5% If you are a new Plymouth Rock customer, you'll need to enroll within 30 days after your policy effective date. Otherwise, you may sign up for eDocuments at least 65 days before your next renewal date to receive a discount at your next policy renewal.

Anti-Theft  Up to 36% Cars with qualifying anti-theft devices, such as car alarms.

Safe Driver Up to 25% Drivers without surchargeable incidents or at-fault accidents.

Advanced Driver Training Up to 5% Inexperienced drivers who complete a certified training course

Student Away at School Up to 15% Inexperienced operators who are students that reside more than 100 miles from the place of principal garaging and who don't have regular access to the vehicle.

Low Mileage Up to 30% Off Standard Mass. Rates Mileage rating based on annual state inspection information as reported to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). If adequate mileage is not available from the RMV, Plymouth Rock provides a default mileage rating factor.

Good Student Up to 15% Inexperienced operators who are high school or college students with a B (3.0 GPA) or higher average with less than 3 Merit Rating points. Cannot be applied in conjunction with the Student Away at School discount.

Age 65 or Older 25% Experienced operators who are age 65 or older.

Paid in Full Up to 4% In addition to saving on installment charges, new Plymouth Rock customers who pay in full will save up to 4%. If you already have a policy with us, your initial renewal invoice will show an optional pay in full amount, which reflects this car insurance discount. If you pay the full amount by the effective policy renewal date, your discount will be automatically added to your policy. This discount can only be added effective on the policy's effective date; the discount cannot be added mid-term.

Advanced Issue Up to 7% in the policy's first year New Plymouth Rock policies issued at least 7 days prior to the policy effective date.

Plymouth Rock Savings Pass   Enjoy discounts on auto products at:

Enterprise Rent A Car
Sullivan Tire
ORS Racks Direct
IN CONTROL Crash Prevention Training
Auto Sound
Jiffy Lube

Massachusetts drivers can save with these discounts. 
 ANYONE can receive a substantial discount on their auto policy:

-Have your policy issued at least a week in advance (up to 7%)
-Register online for Edocuments (5%)
Group Discounts
WBUR Membership Up to 7%
SBLI Policyholders Up to 10%
WFCR Membership Up to 6%

Paid In Full 10% RETURN PREMIUM 
10% of your premium is refunded to you when you pay your auto premium in full and it is received prior to the due date of your first bill.

Advance Issue Discount
Good Payor 5%
Loyalty Discount

Other Discounts

Epipen $0 Co-Pay 

Enterprise Rent A Car   Call 800-VIPERAC and mention Acton Insurance